Wow, something weird just happened

I received a notification that there was an upgrade available. And I ran it. And it worked.

Well, that solves a number of issues, but not the principal ones: governance, flexibility, and control of the setup, especially the email setup.

So we’re almost ready to move on to If you did not already make your move there, and want to transfer your stuff from here to there, PM me and I’ll get you sorted.


something weird just happened

… and this thread just happens to be #666 :wink:

I may have missed the memo on this (I just learned about the move to the new URL), but will eventually be redirected to the new URL?

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We don’t have access to the server. I thought it was gone when the IP address vanished, but apparently it was just a glitch. Phew…

As we do not have access to the server, etc., we can’t port the topics we want to keep to the new installation: having this service go down would be terrible for our common history.

Anyway, I did not see you yet on, @strypey!