What's new on Anfora [FEB]


Hi! I’ve been missing for a long time because of the exams season. From 01 Feb I’ve been working on the server side and the client app. Some updates are:

  • Now federation seems to start working after fixing some issues with HTTP signatures
  • Managed to fix AP’s outbox
  • I’ve updated the client so now we have multiple files uploads
  • New Dark mode
  • Many fixes in the server so now all is smoother and faster
  • Mentions in posts are fixed

Things I’m working on:

  • Finish the handlers for create, delete and basic stuff from AP
  • Explore and Profiles in the client
  • A better command line utility for the server

When this two last things are completed I’m planning to release a open test instance (I know that I should have opened it before but I don’t like things if they are not finished :frowning: )

As always if you want to help the code is open source hosted at https://github.com/anforaProject
I’m writing a documentation hosted at https://docs.anfora.app/

Worth to mention that the API is compatible with the one of mastodon so apps like tusky and fedilab (the new mastalab) should be compatible after implementing ouath2