What I'm doing right now


Hello all!

I have this a bit empty so I wanted to let you know what are the issues and what I’m working on:

  1. I’ve been using the falcon framework for the API server. The issue is that if I wanted to support websockets and SSE since those are async actions I needed something that let me to program async. I was using node but this was another lang on top of the stack.
    I’ve decided to go with tornado that lets me to do this and at the same time has a bigger ecosystem of projects.

  2. My intention is to launch a test instance as soon as I have federation ready. This takes time (time that I have limited) and for this reason I’m going a bit slow. I managed to talk with mastodon so I’m near to get some minimum.

Have a nice weekend you all :slight_smile:


Very exciting! We can’t wait! :tada:


Awesome! Looking forward to the first instance!

Btw, is anfora supporting “nodeinfo” from the start? If so, projects like https://fediverse.network will be able to find it. That would make the project visible for others :slight_smile:


Yes, nodeinfo is implemented but I have some issues with the metrics of users. But the endpoints and all are implemented