Vervis ticket comment federation demo


Hi people!

I’d like to announce the first ForgeFed federation demo! It’s very basic, but I hope more will come very soon :slight_smile:

The demo federates only ticket comments, and is implemented on Vervis, a forge I’m developing, written in Haskell. The UI is very lacking and sometimes hard to navigate, but for this demo, hopefully it will do.

In this demo you can comment on tickets, and the project team and all ticket commenters should be notified. And when others comment, you get notified. And it should work across servers transparently.

There are 2 test instances deployed:

In the following instructions, you comment on a ticket using one instance. Then you comment on the same ticket using an account on another instance. Finally, on the 1st instance you should get a notification about that new comment (because once you comment on a ticket, you start getting notifications about new comments by other people).

To try the demo, do the following:

  1. Create an account and log in on one of those instances, by clicking the “Sign up” link at the top
  2. Unless you wish to create new projects and tickets, I’ve prepared 2 tickets for testing, choose the one that is on the same server you signed up to:
  3. Scroll down on the ticket page to see the discussion tree. Under the ticket description and under each comment there’s a “reply” link. Click one of those, write a comment and submit. You’ll be redirected back to the ticket page, where you should be able to see your comment.
  4. On the ticket page you should now be looking at, each comment specified when it was published (e.g. “2 weeks ago”). The publishing time is a link to the individual comment. Pick one of the comments, yours or any other, and copy its link. We’ll need to remember 2 links here, actually: The ticket on which you commented, and the comment you just picked.
  5. Go to the other instance, not the one you signed up to. Create an account there too.
  6. Browse to the “publish” page of the instance you signed up to in step 5:
  7. You should see a form for publishing a comment, with 3 fields. They all have default values, but, delete them and we’ll fill in new ones. In the “Ticket” field, paste the ticket link we remembered in step 4. In the “Replying to” field, paste the comment link we remembered in step 4. And in the “Message” field, write something nice :slight_smile:
  8. Submit the message. Hopefully it succeeds! Then go back to the ticket page and look for your comment there. If everything worked, it should be there :slight_smile:
  9. Browse to the first instance you signed up to, in step 1. If you’re logged in, you should see a notification marker at the top of the page. Clicking it should take you to the notifications page, where you’ll hopefully see a notification about that comment made via the other instance.


  • I did some testing, but there may still be bugs! If anything fails or you have questions or comments, make a comment on Freepost, or open a ticket. There’s also an IRC channel (#peers on Freenode) and Matrix ( Registrations here on SocialHub seem to be broken right now :frowning: but if you have an account, you can comment here too.
  • If the instructions above are unclear, please comment and suggest improvements :slight_smile:
  • The UI is very lacking and many pages just display JSON data instead of human friendly layouts and text. This may make it a bit difficult to navigate things, I’m aware of that, but if it makes it really difficult or impossible to follow the instructions (for example there are many notifications and it’s hard to find the ones you made), please comment here and I’ll see if I can make things a bit nicer visually. Creation of an actual usable UI is in progress :slight_smile:
  • Occasionally the test instances may crash or be brought down for bug fixing or their data may be cleared (including all user accounts and all messages); if weird things happen and there are no updates here, feel free to ask on IRC/Matrix.

Have fun ^ _ ^