Using Funkwhale on a Raspberry plugged to my Stereo : how do i remotly play tracks on the server?


Hi friends!
Thanks to a little help from @eliotberriot i managed to make an instance work on a RaspberryPi, with all my music library plugged into it via a 2To external device.
I’ve done that by building the all-in-on docker image for my arm device.

Now that the instance is working and i can play my music from anywhere i want, i’m wondering how i could do the reverse process if that’s possible. I’m looking for some information to build a guide on how to do this.

The idea would be to have the funkwhale instance running and then, allowing me to use my computer (linux) or phone (if possible) as a remote to play the music directly on the raspberry. Would that be even possible?
I’m sure it is, i’m wondering if i should build it around funkwhale or a totally different software configuration?


It could be working if you’re using your computer as a client, and setup Pulseaudio (only GNU/Linux as far as I know) to connect to your raspberry as a sound server (sink). Then you could redirect the sound output of your browser to the raspberry sink. I’ve done a similar setup, and I highly recommend a gigabit link between the client (your PC) and the audio server (the raspberry) in order to have smooth sound, but it works quite well.


Interesting. I will look up Pusleaudio.
But what if the music library is already on the RaspberryPi ? I would only use my computer as a literal remote (content on server, just sending commands, play pause etc); should i use Pulseaudio for this usecase also?


Well then, you could install a MPD server on the raspberry pi, and use any MPD client on your PC. But then, Funkwhale wouldn’t be so useful


“MPD” That’s probably the concept i was lacking to do my research about that. Do you have tested any you would recommend?
I mean, yes it seems its a separate “issue” (would be cool if Funkwhale integrated this functionality, like Spotify seem to kinda do). But i can run both to have at the same time server / client hifi controls and access to the library from out of my home :slight_smile:


As @gordon said, we don’t have a built-in way to do that. You could also use mopidy (a MPD server) and our mopidy plugin to achive a similar result: Mopidy would be aple to play your Funkwhale music via the plugin, and you can control Mopidy with any compatible software :slight_smile:


That seems do be perfect to achieve what i was aiming for! Thanks a lot to both of you! I’ll be back once its working :smiley:
Have a good one. Peace :v:


Well well.
I installed Mopidy.
I installed ncmpcpp on my PC for testing purposes for now but i’m aiming to make something like Iris work for my end users (friends and family at home).

I also installed the Funkwhale extension you created of course.

Sharing this problem and how to solve it for future readers
It seems i had a problem i could not identify for a while.
I could browse the Funkwhale library but when pressing play on any title, i faced a “connexion refused” and the Mopidy service stopped.

When looking at the status of the service i had this log

mars 21 00:51:24 raspberrypi mopidy[5962]: * failed to open vchiq instance
mars 21 00:51:24 raspberrypi systemd[1]: mopidy.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=255/n/a
mars 21 00:51:24 raspberrypi systemd[1]: mopidy.service: Unit entered failed state.
mars 21 00:51:24 raspberrypi systemd[1]: mopidy.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.

I investigated while writing this post: the error was coming from the raspberry: Mopidy had no right to the audio jack. I solved it by doing sudo usermod -a -G video mopidy

Now i can play music via ncmpcpp.
But my problem is the following: Iris does not seem to respond and i have no traces of it anywhere. I’m not sure how i can check if it is connected well to Funkwhale or Mopidy. I followed the install instructions and all of course and Mopidy logs seem to indicate that the extension is detected :thinking:

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