Technical & Ethical Questions


(This is directly translated from the Framasoft slides)

Technical Questions (slide 19)

  • What protocols?
  • What interoperability?
  • Account portability?
  • Account decentralization vs. SSO?
  • Permanence of instances?
  • Who is responsible (for the software)?
  • Best Practices?

Ethical Questions (slide 20)

  • Trusting the Admin?
  • Choosing your Instance?
  • Who moderates?
  • Who’s responsible (for the instance)?
  • Who’s paying for it?
  • What governance (user/dev/admin/€€) ?
  • What permanence?
  • Right to be forgotten?
  • Best Practices?

Paradigm Shift (slide 21)

  • How to vulgarize the concepts?
  • What impacts on usage?
  • How to finance developments?
  • Critiques in an indigent ecosystem?
  • New regulations (Art. 13, GDPR…)?
  • More emancipation and social justice?
  • What social impacts?
  • What environmental impacts?
    A collective intelligence, peripheral to the network, but a very clever one who can ensure all outputs will be good.


With regard to these questions asked by Framasoft in their slides about ActivityPub (linked in the first post) I’d like to notice that the following three questions, that come at the end of their list, sound for me central to the debate, and want to ask @natacha and @zeyev their opinion of the type of technical / ethical questions they see more fit from a feminist perspective.


I feel those are essential questions as well as all the other ones mentioned in the first post.
All those questions should and hopefully will be addressed specifically by the community of developers, but in order to reach that point we need precisely to bring together this community.

My understanding of this roundtable is to create a momentum, where the activity-pub community can meet and start discussing about cross project organisation.

I do not know of a specific channel to discuss activitypub community organisation, if a group gets organized, and internal models of organisation get agreed upon, the group will be able to tackle organisational and ethical questions.


Indeed that’s the idea. How many people here are on the Social CG?


I am a member but I just joined so haven’t been involved in any of their conference calls.