Suggestions from a new user


hi all, not sure I’m posting this in the right place, so let me know if i’m not
i think FunkWhale is a great concept, please keep up the good work!! have become a big fan of the fediverse recently.
2 suggestions to make FunkWhale EVEN better:

  • it would be great if browsing and searching by genre was possible (instead of only album, song and artist) i tried to find some blues songs, but it’s actually not that easy
  • it would be cool if the playlists from others could be rated/ranked, so that (per genre) the best ones would float to the top of the list. Would make it much easier to select a cool list
    Perhaps it’s already possible and i’ve missed it, thanks again!


You’re in the right place :wink:

Thank you :blush:

Lots of people are requesting this feature, and we’re working on it. I cannot give you a date, but this will happen eventually!

I’m not sure about the ranking part, because it can trigger popularity contests and have a snowball effect (most visible playlists are more visible because they are more visible) but we can probably imagine tagging or linking playlists to genres for easier discovery?


great, thanks!
I see your point re the playlists. Me personally, I’d be a proponent of those ‘‘popularity contests’’, just because it would make it easier to select a playlist for me. Tagging or linking playlists to genres also a great idea!
let me know if you need any user feedback on anything, happy to help!