Started an instance of Prismo in Japan


Hi everyone in the prismo community!

I started an instance of prismo for Japanese users on June 14, 2019.

About the code

Since there were some omissions in v0.7.0rc1, we fed back the corrections. (It looks like it will be v0.6.1)

Also, I fixed link_thumbnailer because there was a problem with the old Japanese encoding.

I wanted to use it in Japanese, so I created a translation file (WIP). For this work, I want to use crowdin’s free plan for open source projects, so I want the official crowdin from Prismo.

About motive

Since Prismo was not yet known in Japan, I started to introduce it to everyone.

In Japan, Mastodon, Pleroma and Misskey are popular. PeerTube, PixelFed, Plume, WriteFreely etc are not enough yet.
The word Fediverse is also known, but it is understood as federation of Mastodon, federation of SNS, and has not yet been linked to the image connecting other services.

Prismo is a quick way to understand that different services than SNS are members of Fediverse. Very interesting to use in combination!

I would like to use this instance to increase the use of Prismo in Japan.

About the current state

There are users who try Prismo or are watching with interest. The start is good. There are some bugs related to the use of Japanese, but they will be fixed.

See here for the topic of Prismo on Fediverse in Japan. (Because it is Japanese, please use machine translation)

About plan

I operate a federation relay service based on Mastodon’s pub-relay, and I am interested in Fediverse interaction and information distribution.

I would like to add some experimental features related to that.

If the features I added are likely to be officially adopted, I will provide feedback.

Once the Prismo code base is stable, I will help set up the instance for those interested.


Thank you @noellabo and welcome.

I’m curious to read how your plan develops.