Speakers Deck


Thank you @cwebber, @eliotberriot, @baer and @_cj for animating this round table!

Before we release the talk, I’d like to ensure all your names are correctly mentioned in the Pentabarf.

I’d like as well that we make a debrief from the session and see where to go from here.


Thank you @how :heart:

I’ve signed up on Pentabarf before Fosdem, with my usual name (Eliot Berriot / eliotberriot), I’m not sure if I have anything else to do. Apparently, I’m not associated with any event.

I’m all in for a debrief, be it written or via audio/video :slight_smile:


Thank you for hosting the round table!

I’m not associated with an event on Pentabarf either, but my information is up to date there as well.


@_cj what’s your Pentabarf login?

@eliotberriot, @baer: I added you as speakers.


My username is cjslep on Pentabarf.


@_cj I can’t find you in the drop down menu. You must have put another name there. There’s one “Cory” but I can’t say it’s you.


@how Apologies, it must be pulling from my “Public Name”. I’ve updated it to be my full name “Cory Slep”.


All right, the FOSDEM pages are now up-to-date with the right names.