Speakers Deck


So we need to figure out who from the people in this conference will speak on behalf of the ActivityPub community at FOSDEM. This is a great responsibility to address not only project interest, but the larger community interests. I hope the preliminary intervention by @natacha and @zeyev before the round table will drive your thoughts.

Now I would like to know who among yourselves will be present at FOSDEM and willing and able to speak before an audience… I think a group of 5 will be enough.

I know Gargron won’t be able to attend, and I’m still waiting for @cwebber to come up with the list of people he mentioned earlier. Evan Prodromou won’t be at FOSDEM either it seems, so we’re left with the Yurpins :wink:

So, who’s on? What would you like to talk about?


:warning: WARNING :warning:

Without speakers known and decided by tomorrow night, we will have to cancel this round table.


Hey @cwebber, welcome! I upped your trust level so you can invite more people. Can you please communicate the list of people you were thinking about here?


Beep, hello. Yes, I’ve reached out to the following:

  • Jessica Tallon (co-author/editor)
  • Jason Robinson (from Diaspora formerly, though they were part of the SocialWG and made comments)
  • Chocobzzz (from PeerTube)
  • Puckipedia (wrote Kroeg, one of the earlier and most meticulous ActivityPub implementors)

I’d like to reach out to folks from the Funkwhale, Pixelfed, Write.as folks, maybe some other implementations too?


See https://forum.enough.community/t/about-the-prepare-fosdem-2019-category/225/4?u=how

Chocobozzz won’t be available since he’s going to the Framasoft assembly.

@eliotberriot is here for FunkWhale (see also https://socialhub.network/t/moving-the-discussion-from-enough-community-over-here/216)

Other implementations have been pinged… 7 other people have been invited but did not respond yet. My take is that tonight we’ll try and move the conversation to socialhub.network… But there’s also a question of physical presence at FOSDEM: many people here are not coming to FOSDEM (although I’m trying to convince Eliot and the Plume team to come…)


Cool, yeah @eliotberriot said they’d be happy to be on the panel. So that’s at least a panel of two :wink:

I’ve reached out to a bunch more people. We’ll see if they can respond back.

BTW, worst comes to worst a panel of two is not actually a bad number; it can be more roundtable like and with a lot of audience participation and questions. I know a lot of people have AP questions so it would be a good time to have that conversation live :slight_smile:


A wild puckipedia has joined the panel! That brings us to three :slight_smile:


Yeah, turning the round table into an AMA is an option. @gandhiano is up to facilitate instead of @natacha and @zeyev. He’s very good in that role, and the women are already making a strong introduction and they don’t want to take too much space.


I need to go now to a meeting. Please keep on reading and interacting with each other. @eliotberriot can you see with @mxb how to move this category to socialhub.network. We’ll try to do it tonight.

Also: will update the FOSDEM speakers entries tonight, so check that all panelists actually are registered on the Pentabarf!


Probably not everyone knows what Pentabarf is :slight_smile:

Still sounds like drawing a pentagram in the ground and vomiting into it, but I’m afraid it’s not such witchcraft, but rather the organization tool for FOSDEM. Register on Penta, everyone plz!


I’ll be present at FOSDEM and am interested in all sorts of topics:

  • How to scale ActivityPub to different kinds of communities (users and developers wise)
  • The lack of ActivityPub Clients (why? How to fix)
  • The effects of well-built moderation tools in implementations on dialogue and quality of interactions in the Fediverse.
  • The effects of decentralized self-organizing network on social movements.
  • Whether “real name, mainstream” has a place in the Fediverse.

Edit: on second reading I don’t know if participating in the round table is different than being a speaker.


Hi again!

I k’m sorry I’ve not been really active here lately, but I’m really happy to be at FOSDEM next week and have this occasion to discuss with you. I’m going to register on Pentabarf now :wink:


Hey everyone, I’ll be at FOSDEM as well. Just registered on Pentabarf :+1:

Just to throw it out there, one topic I’m interested in discussing is more interoperability between ActivityPub platforms, e.g. servers acting as clients to other AP platforms, like I mention in this thread.


Jason reached out to me, since I implemented AP in Friendica. if you want to, you can fall back on me.


@cwebber, @heluecht, can you please introduce yourselves?


I have now written there a little bit about myself. I hope it’s enough - if not, please ask!


So… What’s going on here?


@gandhiano told me he could not attend FOSDEM, so we need another volunteer to facilitate the round table. He proposed @yala since he’s knowledgeable of ActivityPub.

Who’s around the table then @cwebber, @FOSDEM2019-AP?


Yes, I’m knowledgeable enough of the subject, to facilitate a public conversation.


Thank you for taking this up. Can you have a look around and bring us some perspective?


Hi there, I haven’t been active this week, but I’m in Brussels right know, and I an block some time tomorrow if we need to prepare the round table.

My english is a bit rusty, and I expect to be a bit shy in front of a big audience, but I’m ok to discuss about:

  • Donations / tipping over the federation (I think we could use some kind of system to enable this use case, typically, in Funkwhale, that would give the opportunity for listeners to support financially their favorite bands and creators)
  • The missing bits in the ActivityPub spec: from an implementor perspective, there are quite a few things I’ve been struggling with recently that are not covered in the spec. E.g, I don’t think there is an easy way to express/describe admins actions on their server content (Deleting a toot by a user for moderation reasons, things like that)

Of course, I’d be happy to join the discussion on other topics if I have anything relevant to say, and share insights about how things work in Funkwhale (because I believe it’s quite an uncommon ActivityPub implementation, focusing on server interactions more than on user interactions).

I’ll check this post from time to time tomorrow, let me know if you’d like to meet somewhere to coordinate :slight_smile:

cc @cwebber @how @yala