Small CoC fixes


During the translation process, various issues with the source document of our Code of Conduct were raised:

Post-meritocracy statement

Homogeneity is an antipattern.

This wording is quite confusing if you’re not familiar with design or software development.

We have the obligation to use our positions of privilege, however tenuous, to improve the lives of others.

This part, especially the “however tenuous” thing (which is not emphasized in the source document), may be putting a lot of pressure on community members that have very little privilege and cannot afford to lose those right now. It was suggested to remove the “however tenuous” part.

Code of Conduct

Examples of unacceptable behavior by participants include:

  • The use of sexualized language or imagery and unwelcome sexual attention or advances, including when simulated online.

Banning all sex talk could favor tone policing or invisibilsation of queer people. Maybe we can add something to nuance that, like The use of sexualized language or imagery, unless directly related to the discussion?

This includes the Funkwhale Matrix rooms, forums, issue tracker, blog and fediverse accounts and any other services provided to members of Funkwhale

It was suggested to replace fediverse accounts by social media accounts to make the thing more generic and explicit.

What do you think?


Yeah, that’s not a useful phrase, not really important.


“sexualized language” Wouldn’t mean “don’t mention issues or subjects pertaining to sex” it would more mean like “lewd language”, but I can see where the translation would lose that nuance. Could find some better wording for that.

seems fine, doesn’t change much :slight_smile:


That’s not exactly what has been discussed. We were referring especially to the end of the original sentence, which is “The only exception to sexual topics is channels/spaces specifically for topics of sexual identity.”. Because the first part is quite correct, targeting “sexualized language or imagery” does not refer as, for example, talking openly about sexuality or sexual orientation. But in “sexual topics”, that’s a larger scope, and it could be read as “please don’t be gay in public”, if i exaggerate a little. As @ginnymcqueen correctly says it, the issue here is lewd language, not sexuality. And for us (@Arr0w_root and me), that second sentence was not precise enough.

  • L’utilisation d’un langage ou d’imagerie à caractère sexuel et les avances ou propos sexuels, y compris ceux simulés en ligne. La seule exception pour les propos d’orientation d’orientation sexuelle est qu’ils soient tenus sur des canaux dédiés à l’identité sexuelle.

I suppose since this part is going to be edited anyway it’s not that important, but “d’orientation” has been repeated.

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