Searching posts by date


Add the submission date to the URL!


Now imagine what would happen if we navigate to

We get a calendar search! :smiley:

This is one of the features that I’d love to have on reddit, but have fallen in deaf ears.

Adding permalinks to posts and date search will allow us to make archivable posts, which in turn will help preserve our online culture.


Yeah this sounds nice but - why is the date part needed in the post URL ? Can’t we just keep it simple and short (without the date) and still keep the calendar view under ? :slight_smile:


Oh, you’re right. When I post, I tend to mix ideas so the end result is more like a stream of consciousness rather than a perfected idea.

Think of my posts as raw minerals that must be refined with careful thought :slight_smile:


haha great, will have that in mind :+1: