Saying hello! Pterotype and ActivityPub-PHP dev here

Hi all! I’m Jeremy. I’m developing Pterotype, a WordPress plugin that turns WordPress blogs into a full S2S ActivityPub-compliant server. The plugin is in a working state right now and will federate blog posts and comments, although it’s a bit buggy at the moment.

I’m actually in the process of refactoring the plugin by pulling out the ActivityPub implementation into its own library. The idea is to provide a bring-your-own-database PHP library that makes it really easy to integrate an ActivityPub server into PHP projects. The code for that is on GitHub. If that’s something folks here are interested in, I’m happy to provide more details or accept contributions.

It’s great to see a community forming around the federated web!


That’s amazing!!! :heart_eyes:

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Hi there and welcome! You may be interested in which is also a PHP ActivityPub implementation written in PHP :slight_smile:


Oh very cool! I will definitely check it out.

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