#1 is rather old and I’d like to start working on a full redesign, as already mentionned here. was always meant to be the entrypoint on the project for everyone, and I can see 3
core goals for the website:

  1. Explain what Funkwhale is
  2. Help people joining the network
  3. Help people finding anything else they might need (support, help, guidance, discussion spaces, documentation, source code, news, etc.)

We currently do 3., via the links in the header, and barely do 1. (one screenshot, and a set of features for which the copy is poorly written and partially outdated).

Item 2. is partially available at, but the current workflow suffers from some issues, since the instance list is hard to update and lives in a git Repository.

Considering all those aspects, I’d like to discuss a redesign of and address the mentionned issues (and other you may want to tackle). I believe this is needed to increase the project visibility and attract newcomers (users, contributors, instance admins…), and I’m willing to invest money in this redesign, as soon as we agree on the core use cases for the website and a battle plan :slight_smile:


Je peux essayer de m’y coller ^^

Funkwhale sync #2

Génial @troll, on discute d’un plan d’action dimanche si ça te va ?


Oui, on peut faire ça ^_<


Since we agreed on the redesign yesterday, we can actually start the work on this. How do we do this @troll?


I will work on it on my side, as soon as I have a model or questions I will come here to present them:)


Someone mentionned today that the fact Funkwhale intend to support all kind of audio (and not only music) should appear on the website. That’s probably something you want to keep in mind @troll :wink:


Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind @eliotberriot ^_<