Questions about FW (features request ?)


Hi there ! I’m from Musique Libre ! ( a free music archive created in 2004.

We have though the years encounter a lots of issues with the archive and we are really interested by hosting a Funkwhale instance.

We have however, a few questions and some things that can be features to add to Funkwhale.

  • We noticed the recent licence feature on tracks (wich is really cool and needed), how do you extract licences text from the audio file ? Is it reading the copyright tag or the comment tag ? both ? Or something else ?

  • On we provide a way to comment every single song individually, is this possible/planned ?

  • We have a Label system, a label or a user can manage several groups. Is this information can be displayed on the song information page on Funkwhale ?

  • Related to the previous one : we have user account with their own information set (biography for user and bands), is it possible/planned on an instance to have user accounts ?

  • On Dogmazic, albums and songs can be browsed by musique style and users can create their own tags, is this possible/planned ?

  • Last, we provide download option for albums and songs, is this feature exist on FW ? And more important is it easy to access for the audience ?

Thx for answers, and keep up the good work on FW, it seems it’s going on the right tracks :slight_smile:


Hi @Nomys_Tempar! I’ll try to answer your questions :slight_smile:

Yeah, this is pretty recent, and no released yet, but basically, we have a list of supported licenses in the software, and we do some basic pattern matching (currently on licences URL) using the values from the License and the Copyright field (the first match is used).

We don’t extract the license text, we only use the URL as an identifier to match a license in our own list.

This is not possible yet, but this is a planned feature, and it will work with federation too :slight_smile:

We don’t have anything like that yet, and it’s not planned but I think we’ll need to implement this at some point. Do you have some examples / screenshot / links showing how this work on your side?

We don’t offer any field for biography on user or artist entities. User do have accounts already (they use it to login, upload music, create playlists, etc.) though.

It’s not possible yet, but the feature is in discussion. You can refer to this issue to get an idea of what we already discussed and the direction we may take.

We provide that for songs, but not for albums yet, because we need to find a proper way to do that without puting too much load on the server :slight_smile:

The button itself is available on each track page, but we might as well offer it on the player, and on track lists :slight_smile:


Thks for the quick answers, I will answer more in the next few days :slight_smile:


@Nomys_Tempar you guys are on the same boat i am, love ampache features but sick of lack of dev, i was building a PWA/app for ampache but stoped And considring funkwhale now

Just waiting the ali release later


@a7medo778, the API should be already usable and complete, since it powers our SPA. Even if it’s not completely stable yet, most of the changes are backward compatible, and we’ll do our best to warn for potential incompatible changes in each release changelog.


Really? I can only see a couple of endpoints on swagger


You can use the current web UI as a reference on how to contact the API (by inspecting the network request and responses). I lacked the time to complete the API documentation unfortunately.


Finally I get some time to do some following on this :slight_smile:

  • About licenses:
    I can make a json file with all the licenses we’re using on dogmazic, it will add a massive amount of licenses in funkwhale. I can send the file to you when it’s done, if it’s fine…

  • Regarding song’s comments:
    Nice !

  • About the Label system:
    In Ampache we’re using something called “Catalogs” to simulate a Label system. As I understand it, a catalog is a collection of music, so every user in dogmazic create a catalog per band.

  • About field for band/artists biography and informations:
    I can see funkwhale provides a page with all albums by a band, with noted “X tracks in X albums”. It’s possible for the uploader to custom this field ? Maybe a similare page can be created for uploaders ? I dunno…
    I think if we can custom the band field in band page, it can suits our needs.

  • Tags:
    Okay, so on songs can have tags/genres and many of them. We also don’t separate tag and genre. It comes from the way Ampache works (I guess), but also from a lot of time discussing about this issue and several system tested (librarian genre system for exemple).
    It’s really flexible and give a lot of liberty, but it’s sometimes a mess cause things aren’t always “well” categorized…

  • Album download feature:
    Ok, it’s not so important for us.

So on the importing the dogmazic database, issues are: tags,info on bands, and label system.


A JSON file would be great. Adding 10s or 100s of licenses shouldn’t be an issue, I’m more concerned about how those are associated with the tracks currently? Are those filled by hand? Or parsed from a tag in the audio file itself? (If it’s the latter, I’ll need to know what tag/text it used for the matching)

In Funkwhale, users can create Libraries, and upload content in those. Libraries can be public, and store an infinite amount of tracks (the limit being the upload quota for the user). Libraries are also used for federation/sharing purposes over federation.

You could have one user representing a label creating one library per-band (~similar to your current setup), or organize things differently (group all the content in a single big library, or anything in between). There are no restrictions on the number of libraries a user can create.

Would that work for you?

This very specific field (X tracks in X albums is inferred from the number of tracks/albums that are known by Funkwhale and serves as an indication on how much content is available to the viewer. But I think your question is more “can we add info about the band, such as a bio”? If yes, it will be part of our roadmap to allow this kind of customisation (

Based on our community feedback, Tagging/Genre support is likely to be the next big feature we implement. I cannot detail too much the implementation, because obviously nothing has started yet, but the idea was to start with tagging (the ability to associate arbitrary tags with artists / albums / tracks), then offer a second layer of genres on top of that.

E.g, you could tag a band as #french, #80s and #dubstep, then configure a genre named Electronic music that would include all content tagged with #dubstep, #edm and #techno. It’s still theoretical though, but it should keep the diversity and liberty brought by free-form tagging, while still enabling a higher level of curation, at the instance level, by grouping tags together.