Problem with UltraSonic and DSub on a new install




I just finished installing Funkwhale on my server (Debian Stretch).
I followed the instructions on this page and I am using Nginx as a reverse proxy.

The web interface is working fine and I was able to configure Subsonic to access my Funkwhale instance in Clementine Player.

But DBus and UltraSonic are not able to play music from my instance.
I can get the list of artists but when I try to get the list of albums, I get the error “A network error occured.” and in the access log on my server, I can see 404 errors (I changed some values to ):
IPADDRESS - - [21/Jan/2019:13:10:05 +0100] "GET /rest/getMusicDirectory.view?id=1&u=***&c=Ultrasonic&f=json&v=1.16.0&t=***&s=
HTTP/2.0" 404 192 “-” “okhttp/3.10.0”
IPADDRESS - - [21/Jan/2019:13:10:09 +0100] “GET /rest/getRandomSongs.view?size=50&u=***&c=Ultrasonic&f=json&v=1.16.0&t=***&s=*** HTTP/2.0” 404 192 “-” “okhttp/3.10.0”

I don’t see what I did wrong or how to correct this problem.
Does someone have any idea ?



Hi @gdott9, have you checked the “Browse with tags” option in Ultrasonic / DSub server settings (I believe it’s a globale setting for ultrasonic)?


Awesome, it works! Thanks @eliotberriot.
I didn’t read the page about Subsonic well enough… sorry about that.


Don’t worry, you’re not the first one to have this issue, and we have some work to do to make the process smoother :slight_smile:

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