PixelFed internationalization


Hi, given PixelFed has made public the language selector I’d like to ask if there’s any plans to use any translating platform for better translation management?

Some time ago we (translators) made a PR to PixelFed’s github repo so this is what PF is currently using. For better workflow for both developers and translators, is considered to be a good practice include some platform like weblate, crowdin, zanata, transifex, …

What’s your opinion about this issue? Thank you.


This topic is now open to suggestions. The two proposals so far:

  1. Use Weblate, since it’s good enough and widely used in a lot of libre translations for similar projects (Mastodon, Funkwhale, Plume, etc)

  2. Build a custom translation manager from scratch. @dansup has expressed interest in writing a gamified translation manager and releasing it via Pixelfed Labs.

Looking for community feedback about this!


Weblate is great, it uses widely accepted formats, and UI isn’t too bad, however

Is a good idea only if there is a design goal which would improve on Weblate and similar software, it would be nice to find a suggestion of the kinds of design (frontend and backend), which need improvements first, before going neck deep into creating something new.


I tried to import Pixelfed files to my local weblate instance with no succees… I think it doesnt accept multiple php files but not sure if I did in a good way…

IMHO developing an import solution for weblate would be a good start point.


Can’t remember which one exactly, but I think Weblate doesn’t support “few” and “two” keys, only “one” and “many”. This is critical for some languages, inc. Russian.


Yunohost uses zanata


hi, YunoHost doesn’t use Zanata but Weblate: http://translate.yunohost.org and is using the YunoHost package I created. And I’m the one who configured it.

You may want to test how Weblate handles PixelFed using my own personal server (who can open real pull requests). https://translate.holcroft.fr/projects/pixelfed/

I’m unsure Weblate suffers any plural issues with Russian. I’m even unsure the php format used really provide a native support for it.

Happy to help


I guess it would probably help if @dansup makes an explanatory post with what they would want out of a translation solution as a dev, and also maybe their pitch for how a custom solution might be better?


Great!! Can you tell me how the hell did you configured the component? I’m curious how did you fit the file structure so well…


Well, it’s not too difficult once you know it:

Here is how I configured the project:


Then you add one component:


Then, on this component, you activate the discovery component addon

and this creates you a whole group of components, all using the same git repository.

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