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Ahoy there! Nice work going on over here.

There is a discussion going on over in the project about how to build some bridges with the Fediverse projects. For those who do not know, Yunohost is all about making self-hosting more accessible, see for more.

Recently, one of my popular toots was about how Yunohost packagers are making good progress in providing a way to package Federated applications:

We have a number of packagers who are working on providing support for packaging these federated applications. This will allow more people from different levels of skill and interest to get themselves involved in self-hosting for themselves and their communities.

We know that packaging and ease of deployment need to go hand in hand with application development. That’s why this forum seems like a nice place to start the conversation and increase visibility between packagers on the Yunohost project, developers of the applications and self-hosting enthusiasts.

So, with all that in mind, I was thinking to perhaps ask if you could create a specific place on this forum where we can focus on packaging discussions. I am open to ideas though if there is another proposal.


I’d be happy to provide a packaging category. Would you like to host it?


Lovely stuff, I’m up for it :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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