New category for ForgeFed?


I’m implementing project/repo hosting federation, and hoping to create a spec, and I’d love to be able to discuss the questions and details and issues here. Much like in the past there was an active mailing list for this.

While my project hosting platform, Vervis, does support opening tickets and discussions, it’s very far from being polished and convenient the way Discourse/SocialHub is, and regardless SocialHub looks like the right place for this sort of discussion and collaboration :slight_smile:

Is there a chance a ForgeFed category/section is added here? Would that be a good idea?

By the way, in the past ForgeFed discussion was happening on a mailing list and it was very active, and I’d love to revive all that enthusiasm here on SocialHub :slight_smile:

Feneas handover

FWIW, i noticed that according to the website stats, fr33domlover’s initial post last month regarding ForgeFed: “ForgeFed - Project hosting federation”, is already the 2nd most viewed thread in the history of this forum


Done. See #forgefed.

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