New Category about projects willing to implement AP


Hi! :slight_smile: I’m so happy to have finally came here: I was looking for a place where people could meet to discuss and coordinate about ActivityPub.
In particular a place where projects that still don’t implement AP could get help to move forward! :smiley: That’s why I would like to suggest to add a new category where project teams can discuss their transition and meet people with similar needs (like two platforms working with maps could help each other and share code).

Add More Categories to

I’m all in. How should we name it, Support ?

@dansup @eliotberriot @yabirgb any thoughts?


Since we already have an ActivityPub category ( I think it would make sense to use this one. It’s named projects in the URL though, that maybe something we want to fix.


In my mind this category should be a kind of “early stage” were other platforms can have their space and start to integrate AP, so they can later become a “Category” like Prismo, Pixelfed…would be nice to see project icons for example. In this way we visually differentiate a place were people look for generic AP help (normally a messy category with several different topics) and a place were things are more “in order” (with just platforms names) to get specific support. Or maybe we can simplify and add immediately them in Categories, even if they are not ready yet.

Better if I make you a real example with: (they already implement ActivityStream 2.0) (they are already federated, but no idea how)

Both are in a phase in which they want to implement AP asap, so maybe we can have a way where people can ask formally to be included as a new platform? The final result would be to have a growing list of projects, so this could encourage people to join and collaborate! :slight_smile:


I have a feeling #activitypub category is too broad. It’s like running a discusison board about music and having a Music category in there. It just doesn’t make much sense. I think we should split it.


that makes sense! What about a #development category, then, where people would discuss implementation details, transitioning to AP, request reviews on their codebase, share their libraries, tips and tricks, etc. ?


@mxb same thought! :smiley:
@eliotberriot maybe also Development is too generic :thinking:

What about something like this:

  • General (where teams can have not technical talks and start collaborations)
  • Getting Started (technical help about AP)
  • Incoming Projects (projects already in transition to AP with very specific issues)


Sure, let’s have something more tailored to what’s needed then :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! :wave:

it’s Robert. I’m one of the developers of Human Connection (FOSS social network for active citizenship). We want to implement ActivityPub and had a meeting yesterday with other initatives, here’s a summary:


We’re also trying to put this meeting on a regular schedule. The goal of this meeting is to bring people together who are developing an open social network and lack resources with those people who can provide their time and resources. Eventually we would like to connect all participating networks via ActivityPub and benefit from each other.

Today we had Armin, Joseph, Matt, Marco, Mike in the meeting who are all willing to contribute to an implementation and there was Maxence (Nextcloud social), Tibor(communecter) and myself(Human Connection) who are looking for people.

Some details on our meeting:

See you again soon!


P.S: This meeting is a work-in-progress, if you have recommendation which tools to use for video conferencing or you have suggestions regarding the workflow, don’t hesitate to tell me


If ForgeFed can be resurrected, I think gitea, gitlab, and a few others may be willing to implement it.


Yes! This could be good!


Hi again, hope you had time to recharge during the holidays! :slight_smile:
Is it possible to move forward this topic? :smiley:



Getting started sounds a bit like a category with links and tutorials on how to start implementing AP. Is that just me? :slight_smile:


I’d love to hear your thoughts on these 3 suggestions all ! cc @yabirgb @eliotberriot


I’m ok with the proposals, let’s start something and we’ll adapt as time goes :slight_smile:


YEAH! :christmas_tree:


Ok so there will gonna be three new categories instead of the #activitypub one:

  1. General - where teams can have not technical talks and start collaborations
  2. Support (is that a fine name?) - technical help about AP
  3. Incoming projects - projects already in transition to AP with very specific issues

is someone willing to help with writing descriptions for these? I’m really bad at copy :frowning:


Those sound like some good categories and we should totally go ahead and just make them and we can start writing descriptions as a subtopic for in said categories.

I still think it would be really useful to have a place to talk about client apps because they are continually expanding quite fast and many people are going to have their early experiences using mobile clients as their main entrance into the fediverse.

The category could be called something like “Mobile Apps” or “Secondary Apps”


what are we waiting for? :wink: :deciduous_tree:


Can we add some more admins to this site who may be willing to add more categories? Seems that this issue may be making this website less useful to more people as there are only a few categories right now. Why doesn’t Pleroma have one? Are we only creating categories that a core dev is volunteering to maintain?


I think the Plume developers came here from FOSDEM, they should have one as well.

I’d like to see CommonsPub, Peertube, etc. as well. Even if they may have their own Discourse instances, it’s a matter of time before Discourse AP federation allows to federate a category from their Discourse to this one.