Need help with translation

What does “Emitted library follows” mean? What does it want to say? In which context?

What does “%{ count } track in %{ albumsCount } albums” stands for? Is it needed to literally translate the strings “count”, track and albums or are they part of some programming code and translating these breaks something?

Thanks for helping!

For your first question, i don’t recognize this string, but I believe @eliotberriot will.

For your second question, strings like ${ count } tracks in %{ albumsCount } are meant to be dynamically completed with values. So, in a working Funkwhale page, you will see something like 5 tracks in 13. This is called string formatting, and those kinda cute markers (%{ albumsCount }) are used to define which data will be put here. So no, those should not be translated

In @eliotberriot’s words:

It’s the number of follows emitted by the account or domain that target one of your instance library

The “Emitted Library Follows” string is found under Moderation > Domains and Moderation > Accounts in the front-end, along with “Known Accounts”, “Emitted Messages”, and “Received Library Follows”. It essentially means “this account or domain has this many follows on your instance”.

For example, I run an instance and my user follows Eliot’s free music library on Therefore, when I look at in Moderation, the instance has 1 “Received Library Follow” (my user following 1 library). If Eliot were to follow a library on my instance, it would show 1 “Emitted Library Follow” under moderation.

I think the string would benefit from a context clue for translation purposes.

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@anon13869180 is right, % { variable } things are placeholder used to include variables in translations. On the actual app, %{ } will be replaced by the actual variable content. As for this specific string, it is in the header of artist pages (“11 tracks in 2 albums”):


@sporiff is right about the emitted library follows too :slight_smile:

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