Naming The Whale


Is this an appropriate place to discuss naming the Funkwhale whale? Should we take suggestions and vote? Would @eliotberriot like to have final say? :grin: :whale2:


Nah, I think you should :slight_smile:
And I really like the suggestions you made on Mastodon :whale2:


Well, for everyone - my suggestion was Betty. Betty la baleine :whale2: Elle est une baleine bleue.

But happy to have other people give input!!


Sounds like a plan! I’ve lost the link to the thread, but I remember some people made suggestions as well for this two weeks ago, we could use those as a base?

Well as long as we agree on something that is relatively short and easy to remember, I don’t have a really strong opinion on the choice.

I do like Betty, by the way!


I like Betty too and here is how I see her :slight_smile: