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Really? :star_struck:
Man, don’t want to see, what a longer one is for you :sunglasses:



Thanks for the write up.

I’ve just finished viewing this series of videos on Git/Github. Great videos even if the presenter is wired.


Well, let’s say it was short when I started writing it :smiley:


Yesterday, I finished and merged this pull request which should improve the robustness of the federation and make Funkwhale more easily compatible with existing fediverse software that use different json-ld representations. I’ve also published the git thingy on my blog

Today, I have a pretty busy day, with a mix of personal and project tasks:

  • deploy and test yesterday’s MR in real life scenario, to ensure it doesn’t break existing federation with older instances.
  • Do some work/administrative calls
  • Finish organizing Funkwhale sync #4
  • Fix some bugs


Yesterday, I had a lot of small tasks to do, and finished almost everything.

Today, I’m going to annouce Funkwhale Sync #4 more widely, then focus on bugfixing :slight_smile:


Yesterday, I had a full day of bugfixing, which is something I hadn’t done for a long time!

Today, I’m going to continue that in the morning, and focus on writing/project management this afternoon :slight_smile:


Friday, I had a small session of bugfixing in the morning, and spent the afteronnon on project management as planned.

Starting from this week I’m going to organize a bit more, and share a list of things I’m supposed to do in the whole week. Since this is monday, let’s start. This week, I’d like to:

  • [x] Publish our final code of conduct on Funkwhale website and other spaces (cc @ginnymcqueen)
  • [ ] Prepare some wireframes for redesign
  • [x] Setup a PeerTube instance so we can share video guides and other video content related to Funkwhale (cc @sporiff)
  • [x] Think about how to organize our roadmap and contact people to help with that work
  • [x] Pick a date for Funkwhale Sync #4
  • [x] Write specifications for new authentication scheme (cc @gordon)

Today, I’ll start with the Code of Conduct, and the remainder of the day will be spent on dev, I think :slight_smile:


Yesterday, I published our Code of Conduct at, prepared some wireframes for and set up a peertube instance at

Today, I’m going to work with @gordon on our new authentication workflow, pick the date for Funkwhale Sync #4 and continue working on the wireframes if I have remaining time.


Yesterday, I’ve picked a date for Funkwhale Sync #4, started a discussion about our roadmap, and spent the afternoon working on

Today, I have a meeting in the morning, and I’ll spend the afternoon on authentication/oauth stuff with @gordon!


Yesterday, I worked on the new Oauth/permission logic with @gordon, today, I’m going to continue that and work on project management tasks too :slight_smile:


Yesterday, I spent the morning working on OAuth logic. In the afternoon, I tried to fix a breaking change introducted by the switch to cookie-based auth, but unfortunately it didn’t work and I think I will have to revert the whole cookie thing.

Today, I’m going to do that, write the weekly blog entry, publish the french translation of our CoC, and investigate a few issues.


This week, I’d like to:

  • [ ] Continue working on redesign
  • [ ] Finish OAuth implementation
  • [ ] Setup a Loomio instance to try the solution?
  • [ ] Animate the roadmap discussion to move forward

Today, I have a lot of small project management tasks (translate/publishe the Sync release notes, answer tickets, merge requests, etc.)


Yesterday, I published the Sync meeting notes and recording, and almost completed the work on OAuth

Today, I have a lot of personal tasks to do, so I’m not sure what I’ll be able to do for Funkwhale :slight_smile:


Yesterday was short and I almost only worked on project management.

Today, I have a few forum topics to launch, and maybe start preparing a small bugfix release for tomorrow.


Oopsie, looks like I forgot my workflog for yesterday >.<

Yesterday, I released Funkwhale 0.18.3 and spent the rest of the day working on OAuth (I’m close to the end, I promise :wink:

Today, I’m going to write the weekly blog entry, try deploying a Loomio instance, and maybe do some bug hunting / dev in the remaining time!


Friday, I deployed a Loomio instance at and worked on various sysadmin tasks.

Today, I’m going to catch up on unread notifications and focus on OAuth :slight_smile:


After 76 log entries, I’m going to migrate this thread to See you there!

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