My daily worklog


Yesterday, I spend my day answering support requests, and documenting the process of adding contexts to translations to improve their quality (

Today, I’m going to fix a small annoying bug (, finish answering to posts I missed, and finish the organization for the next Funkwhale Sync.


Yesterday, I hunted down a new bug in one of our depedencies, and spend the afternoon working on metadata updates.

Today, I have a lot of tasks, some of which have nothing to do with Funkwhale :slight_smile: I’ll probably focus on project management tasks, because some of them are accumulating.


Yesterday, I had a lot of small projects management tasks to work on. I also spent some time on a fix for, and I submitted a proposal for a Funkwhale presentation at

Today, I’m going to prepare some specifications/mockups for an important ticket and debrief the non-profit status thing with @gordon this afternoon :slight_smile:


I forgot to write the entry this morning. Basically, I’ve been working on a small command to fix some federation issues when funkwhale is not configured properly.

This afternoon, I’ll be off :slight_smile:


Yesterday, I took a day off as I needed some time to rest after those crazy last 10 days.

Today, I’d like to publish the 0.18.2 bugfix release and work on a medium ticket :slight_smile:


Yesterday, I published the 0.18.2 release, and almost finished to work on the “Artist Hiding” feature.

Today, I’m going to finish that, and I’ll probably spend my remaining time working on the statuses / Funkwhale Sync feedback, etc.


Yesterday, I merged the artist feature branch, and spent the afternoon working with @gordon on the statuses.

Today, I’m going to focus on project management and publish all the meeting notes and next steps for the non profit, and also the wekly blog entry :slight_smile: