My daily worklog


Yesterday, I spend roughly half of my day working on the moderation tools, and the other to do some project management (write meeting notes, review some contributions, write some forum posts, etc.)

I expect today to be very similar, I have a few interesting contributions to review, and I’d like to reach an important milestone for the moderation tools.


Yesterday, I did not code and focused on project management. I also installed, which will allow contributors to collaboratively edit documents.

Today, I’d like to finish a pending merge request, and review remaining tickets for the 0.18 release.


Yesterday, I’ve almost finished a first, big PR for instance-level moderation tools.

I’m going to focus on finishing that today, as it’s one of the last big release blocker :wink:


Yesterday, I merged the big PR I intended to finish, yay \o/. I’ve also worked on few, smaller branches and fixes.

Today, I’m going to work on small things, and I’ll review all remaining tickets for the 0.18 release, and reschedule some of them.


Friday, I continued working on small issues. I also wrote the week’s logbook entry, and pushed the 0.18 translations on Weblate.

Today, I’m going to do some community work (we have several emails / forum discussions I need to get involved in), and continue to tackle the remaining work for the 0.18 release.


Yesterday, I’ve completed several small remaining issues, and I’m pleased to announce that the 0.18 is ready to release in its current state. We’ll probably not make the actual release before next week though, because we’re leaving time for translators to work on the new translated strings.

Today, I’m going to fix a few issues and possibly work on french translations myself.


Thanks for releasing 0.18

Will it have fixed that big that prevented music from being imported when the MP3 files were using Deezer tags?



Yes @titooo7, this issue should be fixed :slight_smile:


Yesterday, I fixed two small issues and started to work on the admin UI to edit artist/album/track metadata.

Today, I woke up around 5AM and worked on simplifying the Docker deployment (cf I expect to finish today :). I won’t be working this afternoon.


Yesterday, I spent the day working on the new alternative Docker deployment, and the task is almost over.

Today, I’m going to finish that, and maybe going to take a break from the release work by focusing on the non-profit or some side project, I’m not sure.


Yesterday, I finished the work on the alternative Docker deployment \o/ I also started to work on, which is a small app to collect data from Funkwhale instances to have a better idea of how many instances we have, their size, etc. This will also be helpful to power (or any instance picker in the future)

Today, I’m going to continue working on that, and write the weekly blog entry :slight_smile:


Friday, I continued working on and I made good progress!

Today, I’m putting that on hold, and I will focus and the 0.18 release, which I’d like to release tomorrow. I’ll fix a few remaining issues today, and I’ll also review the documentation and do some fresh install of Funkwhale following the documentation to detect potential issues and correct them.


Oops, I forgot yesterday worklog!

Basically, I released the 0.18 version (this was streamed on Twitch), and spent the afternoon working on monitoring tools for the Funkwhale network.

Today, I’m going to continue on that!


Yesterday, I released, a tool designed to gather anonymous statistics from Funkwhale instances, to have a better idea of what’s going on.

Today, I expect to work on the non-profit, and maybe squash a few bugs :slight_smile:


Yesterday, I made good progress with @gordon on the non-profit, but otherwise, my day was focused on answering support, and dealing with small issues.

Today, I’m going to:

  • Finish and share the initial draft for the non-profit
  • Prepare a presentation for tonight
  • Write the weekly blog entry
  • Fix a bunch of issues for the 0.18.1 release


Friday morning, I wrote an english synthesis for the non-profit statuses, and shared it at Non-profit statuses initial draft - request for comments and feedback

I also fixed a few bugs for the 0.18.1 release which I plan to release this week (probably wednesday).

Today, I’m going to review and answer the feedback, prepare Funkwhale Sync #3, and fix some bugs :wink:


Yesterday, I had to stop working in the afternoon, for personal reasons.

Today, I’m going to finish what I didn’t do yesterday, and focus on the 0.18.1 release.


Yesterday, I finished preparing the Funkwhale Sync, I released Funkwhale 0.18.1, and updated the API docs with a few new endpoints.

Today, I’ll probably start working on audio metadata update because it’s a complex problem :slight_smile:


Yesterday was a fun day. In the morning, I started to work on the big metadata update issue. Initially, I wanted to continue in the afternoon, but @gordon came up with an interesting idea to implement a new radio, and I went with that instead :wink:

Today, I don’t expect to do much, because I’m leaving this afternoon for Fosdem, and still have to pack. I’ll probably continue working on the metadata thing this morning though.

Next worklog will be next monday :slight_smile:


Yestarday and this morning, I was off.

Today, I’ll catch up with my notifications and todos, since I missed a lot of things over the last few days.