Musicbrainz link broken / No cover fetch



Hey everyone,

On my funkwhale instance, all Musicbrainz links are broken, pointing on:
So my instance don’t fetch album covers when I import an mp3 with tag but without cover.
I guess those problems are related.



Hi @isidoreisou :slight_smile:

The null link will be fixed in next release. As for the cover issue, is your music tagged properly and pointing to relevant MusicBrainz entities? We don’t do any “guessing” on uploaded content to match it to the musicbrainz database because it led to annoying behaviour in the past


Hi @eliotberriot!
Thanks for your feedback,

Well maybe I don’t fully understand how this works, but, my mp3 file was tagged with album/artist/title. Now I get that FW will not search for the cover. But what does

pointing to relevant MusicBrainz entities

means ?


Some tagging software such as MusicBrainz Picard or Beets are able to add specific tags to music files to link them to the corresponding Musicbrainz Database. Funkwhale can then reuse this information :slight_smile:

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