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Hi wonderful federation people,

The ForgeFed forum is moving to, where you’ll find a ForgeFed category, just like here. Please register there and continue discussion there. If that’s a problem, please let us know :slight_smile:

The Feneas servers are maintained well, and sysadmins have full access to the servers, there’s funding, the future is bright. And here on SocialHub, sadly, it’s been months overs months of technical issues, and despite the very long discussions about it and the progress and improvements, the situation is still not fixed here. So we decided to move to the Feneas forum. We don’t have anything against anyone, it’s just a technical decision to give ForgeFed a functional stable forum.


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I find it very sad. @mxb has been under a lot of pressure and we should give him time to fall back on his feet and take responsibility. I would have preferred that you (and others in the same case) reach out to him or wait a bit until the federation is implemented here: this way, Feneas could open the topics beyond the Fediverse itself, hold on to Matrix and co., and leave the AP community here unharmed and undivided. But the attitude does not seem one of cooperation, and it’s sad.


I can see @mxb is busy, and I appreciate the existence of this place very much. I’m just allowing him to have a bit less pressure by not depending on him for the forum :slight_smile: