Mirroring PF on Instagram


Hi! :smile:
I’m (of course) a supported of ActivityPub and the decentralised revolution, but at the same time I’m a pragmatic person: right now Instagram has 1 Billion users and if you need a tool to reach people in the short term there’s no decentralised alternative (in my city probably almost nobody ever heard about PixelFed/Mastodon…). So the only option would be open an Instagram account and also a PixelFed account “preparing the transition” but working twice.

In this scenario I was wondering: what if we integrate the Instagram APIs in order to publish first on PF but at the same time share (without doubling the work) on Instagram? This would create automatically a mirror, getting the best out of both.
Of course we can play a lot with this function and integrate a logo/comment in the Instagram export to make people aware of the transition and maybe have a “Lite version” of our channel without all the content. In this way people will start to open the PF (Full version) account and get curious about this new platform. I think it’s all about a good communication and use at our advantage the huge pool of users in the current socials in combination of their APIs to make people aware of the alternatives and make the switch! :smiley: :deciduous_tree:


As far as i know, instagram API does not allow you to upload photos to your account. That’s restricted only to official instagram client apps


There is some kind of reverse engineering libraries on github but no, nothing official


woulde have been too easy otherwise eheh :stuck_out_tongue:


sounds the only way so far…


Wouldnt a cross poster like the one at masto.donte.com.br suffice for the task?


Instagram doesn’t have an open API, so you can’t make any posts except through the official app (or through buggy reverse-engineering attempts). There is OwnYourGram, which requires posting to Instagram first and having that content be crossposted to your indiewebsite, where it is then resyndicated on your other networks a la POSSE.