Migrating our forums to https://governance.funkwhale.audio


Hi there!

We decided to migrate our forums to a new platform, called Loomio, available at https://governance.funkwhale.audio.

I’m going to explain a bit the reasons for the change, and how you can start using this new space.

Why are we moving?

We currently use this forums for three big types of discussions:

  1. Support requests: helping users and instance owners resolve their issues
  2. Feature requests/design decisions: elaborate new features, ask for improvements, etc.
  3. Organizational/management discussions: setting up our collective, organizing meetings, etc.

Discourse works quite well for the first type, but following long discussions and reaching consensus on important topics has proven to be hard, while being increasingly needed for design and management discussions.

As our community grows, our needs evolve as well, and we now need some tools that will help us with decision making processes.

Also, Socialhub.Network is mainly used by other projects for technical/code-related discussions. It’s quite different from our own usages and having all those discussions for all those projects happening at the same time on the same place can be confusing for everyone (especially newcomers).

Finally, because our forums are a critical part of our decision process and the stability of our community, it makes sense to look for more control and independance. Except for our Gitlab instance, which is more developper-oriented, we don’t actually have a community space that is open to everyone and owned by us!

Socialhub.Network worked really great for us so far, and I’m grateful @mxb invited Funkwhale in the first time, and took the time and energy to maintain this space. Thank you so much!

Where are we moving?

We’ve set up a tool called Loomio, which is available
at https://governance.funkwhale.audio.

This is a forum software, like Discourse (the software that runs Socialhub.Network), but with a stronger emphasis on decision making and related features. We expect the decision process to be more readable and smoother there.

How can you join us?

To join the discussions on Loomio, simply visit https://governance.funkwhale.audio/g/kQgxNq15/funkwhale and join the group.

We have a few groups (the Loomio equivalent for forums categories) setup, on top of our main group. Especially, we have a support group you can use to ask for assistance.

If you don’t know where to start, maybe help us picking a name for the collective?

What will happen to this place?

Socialhub.Network will continue to run as before, but new discussions regarding Funkwhale should be opened on Loomio.

Existing discussions that were started here can continue until they are closed, but we’ll likely move some discussions to Loomio too (especially project management related discussions).

When we do so, we will provide a link to the corresponding discussion on Loomio.

Thank you for reading

I hope things are clearer now. Let me know if you have any issue when joining Loomio or any question :slight_smile:

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