Message send with "Follow" activity - what field?


At Friendica the profiles are mostly protected from being follow automatically. In general one has to accept follow requests. In our own protocol we can add some notice, why we want to follow that user. The user then sees the message along with the follow request (“I want to follow you, because …”) and can accept, ignore or deny the request.

Question is, what field could be used for that message. I guess one of these fields would be possible: “content”, “name” and “summary”.

What do you think?


Maybe this should just be left to the implementation. Name might be the better choice in this instance because it’s limited to text and this is one place where you probably don’t want photos and rendered links. If you use summary or content, purify the heck out of it.


I think content makes the most sense.

Here is my reasoning:
There basically 2 views of the main fields in AS objects; a list of activities (e.g. thread titles for forum view and or “actor verbed object” for ‘activities’), or an expanded view with the entire or most of the content shown in ‘tiles’.
If you think about Follow in this way as with all other objects, the name/summary might be “Bob followed Alice (+message)” and the content would be whatever message.

As for sanitizing, content always has to be sanitized no matter what and I think having images makes lots of sense if you require proof of id pics like many reddit forums. (among myriad other use cases)