Memory usage too big



I installed funkwhale a few months ago and let it sleep.
A few days ago I started using it again, add some music, follow some libraries, and since that, the memory usage on my server changed a lot.
FunkWhale seems to use 1.3G or ram.

Is there a reason for this ?
Is it possible to reduce this ?


I believe we have some memory leaks in the 0.17 release. I had a few OOM issues on my own server, but I also think it was solved recently (I specifically updated some dependencies to fix memory issues), in the develop branch.

Until the 0.18 release is out, what you can do is restart the processes from time to time, or use the develop branch. If you choose to do so, I’ll provide the instructions (but overall, it’s really easy to use the develop branch)


I am using funkwhale via yunohost, I prefer to let the system manage the apps.
I will wait for the next version and restart the service every other day.

Thank you !

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