List of future projects


Greetings. There are more libraries and smaller applications that go-fed wishes to create under its umbrella. Below are project descriptions of each. They are listed in no particular order.


Library (BSD)

Problem: Many ActivityPub implementations rely on other well-known/* endpoints in order to federate correctly and report statistics. Go-fed does not provide a solution out of the box, so clients of go-fed/activity will likely duplicate code.

Objective: Go-fed wishes provide a simple library that provides one or more http.HandlerFunc for Webfinger, Host-Meta, and NodeInfo (v2) endpoints.

It will remain separate from go-fed/activity, allowing clients to compose libraries as they need. It follows the go-fed/activity philosophy that ActivityPub and related library functions should just be as close as to http.HandlerFunc as possible, but be constructed via dependency injection of Go’s powerful interfaces.


Application (AGPL)

Problem: Further projects below will need a common database setup and other boilerplate server code in order to have a basic, feature-less ActivityPub server from which interesting applications can be written.

Objective: Develop a configurable core server that uses go-fed to manage the ActivityPub S2S and C2S interactions within a specific database with robust delivery mechanisms. Allow it to be extensible for further projects listed below, or others outside the community that want to use it.

This includes writing a thin Javascript client that is servable to a browser.


Application (AGPL)

Problem: There is no place to host simple, reply-bumped, karma-less, community-centric forum discussions, with the option of whitelisted federation between communities.

Objective: Inspired by the simplicity of phpBB when it was a popular forum software, apBB is forum software with whitelisted-based federation. It will leverage go-fed/ap-core to quicken development.


Application (AGPL)

Problem: As new kinds of software becomes Federated, new vocabularies and software profiles will be introduced. This does not guarantee interoperability on the fediverse. Furthermore, developers of the Fediverse will not be able to easily determine all vocabularies available, all profiles available, and the compatibility between them.

Note: This item is on hold for the forseeable future.


Application (AGPL)

Problem: There aren’t enough social-deduction space-theme games on the Fediverse.

Objective: Make a very simple game server, exposed on ActivityPub, with simple spaceship units. Fog of war and speed of a unit are affected by relativistic effects. Players must negotiate with one another to become victorious, or agree to a multi-way victory together.