Let the user see stories from a certain webpage


Right now, when a user posts a story, you get information about the user, the tag and the webpage.

You can click the user and get a collection of hot / recent stories from that user. And you can click the tag and get a collection of stories in that tag.

But you can’t click on the webpage and get a collection of hot / recent stories in that webpage. I would like to be able to do that.


In essence, that would be duplicate stories?

(Maybe a “merge stories” operation would make sense?)

Let the user follow users / tags / domains

i think what @frandavid100 meant is that it would be good to be able to see hot / recent stories from a domain - so you can, for example, check what are currently trending links from youtube.com domain.

Or if you runa blog under arjen.blog.com, you can see what has been posted from your domain on prismo and what the trends/reactions/comments/whatever are.

I actually like this idea @frandavid100 and it’s pretty easy to implement so i’m adding it to the roadmap :slight_smile:


Yes, I meant exactly what @mxb said.

I’m glad you like the idea :slight_smile:


Oh, you guys mean like this? :stuck_out_tongue:

@mxb, sorry if overstepping. :slight_smile:


yup, exactly this :slight_smile: