Let the user follow users / tags / domains


Right now users and tags have pages collecting their stories. Domains don’t, but that might be down the road.

I think Prismo should let a user follow another user (to indicate that they want to see content from that user), a tag (to indicate they’re interested in that topic) and a domain (to indicate they like content from that source). That would make it easier to present them with content they’re interested in. For example:

  1. If there is a story from a followed domain, in a followed tag, shared or upvoted from a followed user, the user is very likely to want to read that story. So it should be promoted to the top of the main screen.

  2. If the story meets two of the criteria above, the user will still probably want to read it. The story should still be shown in the main screen, but maybe not at the top.

  3. If the story meets only one of the criteria it should still appear somewhere in the main screen, but maybe below other stories that are given preference.


Caveat emptor: I’m not involved in Prismo in any way, just providing my 2 cents as the developer of a very similar project.

Following users makes perfect sense from an activitypub point of view as the interactions are already in the spec - so probably that will be easy to implement.

Tags might also be easy to implement as they exist in the spec.

But doing so for domains doesn’t seem as straight forward. There is no corresponding activtiypub object describing such an entity and because of that modelling the interactions would not be as simple.

One way I can see for it - that conforms to the spec - would be to create some artificial groups for domains and allow actors to follow the corresponding inboxes.

Another might be to create a “Page” object with the url of the subdomain - and treat all links coming from it as children - but this doesn’t seem to fit the spec in an elegant way…

However, coming back to groups, if I recall a previous discussion regarding Prismo, they are already used for “subprimos” or whatever the subreddit equivalent will be, and I’m not sure this won’t muddle the waters even more.