Just wanted to say Hi!


Hi there,

Just wanted to say Hi!
I’m following Funkwhale since some time now and I think it’s time to start with a bit more then just consuming. As I’m anything but not a coder, I’ve figured out some other ways to help: translation, bug reporting, being active here in the forums, and some sponsoring.
I came to Funkwhale via https://www.reddit.com/r/selfhosted/comments/99xltv/ampache_vs_funkwhale/ and mainly https://github.com/Kickball/awesome-selfhosted#audio-streaming in search for a “better” media player.

I’m fiddling around with Linux and co since the mid 90s and tried to be part of the Open Source thing since the very beginning. As my brain seems not to be made for things like coding altogether, I tend to be lost somehow, but found other ways contributing.

I am an active user of Freenas since quite some time now.

What I like with Funkwhale is the way this little community is trying to find their way, building things up etc. The social / community thing, you know. A nice example is the ongoing finding phase for a Code of Conduct, which is a pretty important thing, I think. Things like this depresses me deeply.



Hi @gerry_the_hat !
Thanks a lot for your kind post :slight_smile: , it’s a joy to see a Linux veteran joining the community ! User feedback is already a huge contribution: it really helps other contributors to believe in the project.

Very sorry for the responses you got on Freenas forum, I still can’t believe the answers.


Hi @gerry_the_hat and thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself! Welcome into our community :slight_smile:

We will find things you can do to help besides coding, and in fact, your current involvement whithin the bug tracker forces me to spell out loud some implicit things I had in my brain for a long time, which can only benefit the project on the long term.

This is also something I quite enjoy myself. Considering not only the software but also the community, the political consequences of what we do and how we’re doing it is a huge part of the job lately. Knowing that you support that is really appreciated, and give me confidence we’re on the right path.



@gerry_the_hat Welcome and hello! :smiley: :smiley_cat:


Hi @ginnymcqueen. Nice to be here. Read about you and the others. I’m trying to understand and explore what’s all going on here, in Funkwhale :sunny: Has anyone seen the Funk? :sunglasses:


@gerry_the_hat I only just arrived at the end of February, so we’re learning together! :whale:


Even nicer, @ginnymcqueen. Welcome on board, if I may say, then :cat:


Hello @gerry_the_hat , we are happy to welcome you \ ^ _ ^ /

(I’m doing my best but I have very bad English, sorry in advance.)

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