Is there a wiki for vocab?


Any preliminary stuff to look at?


Hey @rialtate! Unfortunately, there isn’t really a vocabulary yet, just some tiny bits in the repo and mailing list discussions. I’ve been focusing on the logic and side effects, and just using custom properties whenever needed. Once there’s a vocabulary draft document, I’ll announce :slight_smile:

One piece of vocabulary I’m already using is that issue comments are plain Create Note, in which the ‘context’ property is required, and maps to the ID URI of the issue, and inReplyTo is required, maps either to the issue URI (i.e. top-level comment) or to another comment’s URI. I suppose there may be more stuff later, such as tags and attachments and referenced issues and idk what else, but that’s still “pre-draft” :slight_smile:


We could mirror the relevant mailing lists here to facilitate coordination. We could also maintain the vocab wiki here.