Intro Post - Hello Funkwhale!


Hi Funkwhale and friends! I’m Ginny ( and I’m going to be joining y’all to help with the community structure and inclusion measures. Along with having worked in online communities and content production for over 12 years, I have an extensive background in online abuse experience and crisis training which I hope will be put to good use. I’m excited to be working with a project that seems as into changing FOSS for the better as I am. Thanks in advance for helping me get to know the Funkwhale ins and outs! You can find me on the Fediverse


Thank you @ginnymcqueen for the introduction and for joining us in the first place :tada:

I’m looking forward to work with you!

For those interested, you’ll find more details in the corresponding blogpost


Hello @ginnymcqueen welcome among us ^_^/


Hi @ginnymcqueen Welcome :tada::sparkles:

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