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I’m new in using funkwhale. Thank you for your great job.

When I access to my server via an external app via the subsonic API (I tried Ultrasonic on Android and Substreamer on Ios) I can see only my playlists but not the other playlists of my instance (created by other member of my instance). These playlists are open to everybody in the instance (I can see them via the web interface).

Do you know this problem ? Can you please help me ?

Thank you !


Hi @lamontagne, indeed, we’re currently restricting the playlists available via the Subsonic API to the current user’s ones. I’m not against including other available playlists, and it should be quite easy to do :slight_smile:


Hi Eliot,

Thank you for your reply. I’m trying to share music with my family on a open source way and I’ve installed an instance to test it.
Everything works fine, but sharing playlists via the API would be important, otherwise we cannot share our playlists on smartphones.
What is the idea to restrict access on the API if they are open on the web interface ?
If you can open it, it will help a lot to explain to my family that funkwhale is the good tool for sharing music !
Thank you !


Sure, I’ve created a ticket to keep a track of your request, I’ll try to fix that for the 0.18.1 release, which is due next week :slight_smile:


You’re great ! Thank you !


I implemented the fix, I confirm it will be present in the release :smiley:

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