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When I try to upload 2 tracks with the same name, but included in a different album, it won’t work. Even when the track name is a bit different.
For an example, I have 2 albums with exactly the same tracks, but 1 album is an original and the 2nd is remastered. It won’t work to import the 2nd one, it will be ignored:

How to tag those files right in order that FW will import them right?
Or maybe there’s something I don’t get?



If the albums have exactly the same name and artist, they will be considered the same by Funkwhale and existing track won’t be reuploaded. It’s a bit weird that changing one track name does not prevent this behaviour though.

Can you please install Picard, open both files with it and compare their tags? Can you share a screenshot of the tags for those files?


After many tests, it works, but I’m not sure why.
Here is what I did to import 2 albums of the same artist (CD and Vinyl edition):

  • Tag everything with Picard, choosing the right versions of the songs (CD or Vinyl), since there is an existing release for each on the MusicBrainz database.
  • If I upload right after tagging, it does not work, FW won’t upload the 2nd album. So Media tag (12" Vinyl / CD) on Picard is not working to differenciate them.
  • After tagging, change the name of the album + change the name of each song, with Picard.
  • After that FW upload the 2nd album perfectly.

I have to say that I already did that but it didn’t work so it’s a bit strange. For what I understand, to differentiate albums with same tracks, FW needs:

  • different album name
  • different track names
  • different MusicBrainz Release Id

Maybe more, maybe less, but it works like this.

Here is a screenshot of the 2 albums on Picard.

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