How to sponsor?


Seems the one and only way to send some cash, right? What I dislike is, that an account is needed. And I don’t want to spread my payment details all over the net once more.
Any idea how to sponsor with opencollective without having to setup an account?


Oh no, I was certain they supported anonymous donations in the past, but the feature was apparently removed:


I don’t have any anonymous option to offer you right now, sorry :confused:


Well, I did not have anonymous contribution in mind. Having to setup another “banking” account just for this purpose is my point. A one click paypal is more what I have in mind. See, most people in the Open Source thing interested seem to have a paypal account. So sponsoring is made very easy and user-friendly. This might help to raise more cash :blush:


Oh, I misunderstood then!

I’m not 100% sure what you mean by that, but Open Collective supports donations via credit card and wiretransfers right now. PayPal is apparently in the pipe, but if it doesn’t land soon, we may consider opening a paypal account once we have the organization up and running :slight_smile:

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