How to name stories?


Another thing to consider - should we keep it normal and name links/posts Stories or use some more sophisticated naming, like Ray or Beam for example?

That’s kind of related to How to name sub-prismos?

Using custom naming seems cool but might be confusing for new users.


I vote for “post”, it’s a pretty standard term. Also, if we keep changing names to things we’ll end up with an ugly mess of terminologies. Picture this scene from Hackers (1995): “Rabbit, flu-shot, someone talk to me!”

I say, keep things simple :slight_smile:


Technically and semantically it would be a “submission”, but that might get confusing if you adopt the “sub-Prismo”/“sub” notation. You could then hypothetically “sub(scribe) to a sub(prismo) to see sub(missions)”.

As far as “post” vs “story”, the first one emphasizes the act of user-submitted content, and the second emphasizes a narrative element. I’m not sure “story” sounds appropriate unless a given group exists to post links to, well, actual stories. So I think “post” might be more appropriate out of those two; see also: reddit “self-post” or “cross-post” terminology.


Thank you @trwnh and @rick_777, let it be a Post then! They are actually called stories right now but it shouldn’t be too hard to change :slight_smile: You convinced me.