How to import music from youtube?


It was a feature and it’s not there anymore. Why?
This could be country specific, but in many countries no law forbid to record what we are able to see or listen if it is for private use


@madeinzion indeed, the Youtube Import was removed in the 0.17 release. The reasons are outlined here, but basically, it affected the credibility of the project and gave it a “piracy-software” vibe which could have hurt the development on the long term


I understand your position, but don’t you think this behavior is just compliant with non consensus decisions taken by indeed small group of fellows in charge of a falsely coherent society model?
I mean, Internet has great chance to engage a great mutation.

The next Internet Opus will have a really different value chain !

So, being able to “backup” our favorite information from “2.0 Internet” into own run hardware is a must!
Peertube is in charge of Video, I liked FunkWhale was taking care of Audio.

For freedom to preserve private copy rights (in France no law forbids you to copy youtube)
So. The last release containing youtube copy is that one?


No, I don’t. Putting a project at risk just for the sake of “being not-compliant”, when big players of the music industry have shown, plenty of times, their strength and will to destroy every alternative is not a sane way to face this problem.

Then nobody prevent you to do that :slight_smile: You can still use youtube-dl (or other software, probably) to download stuff from youtube. It’s your own responsibility though.

Yes, that’s right. I would not recommend running it just to keep the youtube feature though, because you would not receive fixes for bugs and security issues.


In France, we are subject to a tax (introduced since the invention of the “Record” button on RadioK7 and Video Recorder) which allows us to make copies… Despite this capacity disappeared, this tax and duty continues.

For private use, you benefit from an exception that allows you to make this copy without it being illegal!

I was happy to get back that “RECORD” button on Funwhale. I am sad it was removed to be compliant with “big players” will. If we were always compliant with them, Linux distributions would miss mp3 and other media codec…

It would be great to let that feature enabled only if user choose it