How to deal with comment deleting


Another thing to consider and discuss - comments removal.

When you remove a prismo comment (either your comment or anyone as a mod), it can’t be hard deleted from the database as that would result in messed up threads and broken discussions. IMO we have two routes to take in here

  1. Hard-remove the body from the database, keep the authoring info and mark it as “removed” - on comments list, instead of it’s body, show info about the comment being removed
  2. Same as above but additionally get rid of any the authoring info

Which one makes more sense to you?


The effect of deleting a comment on reddit is displaying a “this comment has been deleted” message. I think that the option one is the most appropriate for consistency and privacy


yeah that’s exactly what we came up with @swedneck, comment is gonna have it’s body and author association removed :slight_smile: