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Hi all,

I’ve got an instance for personal use in 0.17 and i think i dont gona upgrade this instance to keep some featur on.

How i can hide the version i am using ?
I dont want to break the link to “source code” but just hide the version i am using.

Best regards.


Hi @majax, there is no easy way to hide this version number currently. You could implement a custom CSS theme and hide the link that way maybe. Do you mind explaining why you’d like to hide this version number? I’d like to understand your use case here :slight_smile:

Regardless of the version number thing, I strongly advide against keeping an old version to keep some features on, because you won’t benefit from security and bug fixes. What feature was removed in Funkwhale 0.18 that was available in Funkwhale 0.17 and you’d like to keep using?


Hello @eliotberriot,

Thank you for your reply. I am completly newbie with css so i think i gona leave like this.

Yeah its a bad idea to keep an old version for security reasons, but i woud like to keep the “Youtube Import” and “Music requests”

I undestand why you have remove this feature, and its more profitable for the project.

After all i think i gona upgrade. I have two instance to upgrade, one from 0.17 and an other from 0.18. Its a problem for the instance in 0.17 to upgrade to 0.18.1 ?

Best regards.

Edit: Sorry i have forget to explain why i woud like to hide the version. “Funkwhale 0.17 is a special version” I prefer keep something like this Code source (Special version).

Its to hide the fact i am not up to date lol. Just that … But i realy think i gona update its beter for security and copyright issues.

Edit²: On the instance 0.18 is still displaying Import music from various platforms, such as YouTube or SoundCloud but i am right the featur have been removed ? If yes maybe can you remove this part from the default page ?

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