Go-fed v1 status


Go-fed v1 is in pre-release.

The promotion from v0 to v1 has thus far included:

  • A complete rewrite of the library to better break out dependency-injected interfaces.
  • Creation of the astool, which automatically generates ActivityStreams native types. This future-proofs go-fed against all new vocabularies and extensions.

Ongoing before I fully release v1 is:

  • Many unit tests still need to be written. The go test command current fails with test errors of Not yet implemented. These represent only a subset of all the remaining tests that need to be written.
  • v0 successfully had an implementation report generated at test.activitypub.rocks. That should be regenerated with v1.
  • The go-fed author is updating his blog to federate over ActivityPub with others using go-fed. This acts as a further “implementation report” of sorts.

You are more than welcome to begin writing C2S (SocialAPI) and/or S2S (FederatingAPI) applications using go-fed. Caution: There have been rare breaking changes as issues have been surfaced.