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I’m representing the Federated Networks Association (Feneas - We’ve had some people asking for a forum for discussion related to the federated web, including ActivityPub, but also including protocols like Diaspora and Matrix, and any federated web technologies that come up. This forum would serve, for example, as a place for project developers to talk about cross-compatibility issues.

What I’m describing is imho pretty much what this forum is, but not restricted to ActivityPub, which I understand this is? To avoid overlap, would this forum consider widening scope to more federated web technologies, or do you want to keep focus clearly on ActivityPub?

Issue in our tracker for reference:

Note, if widening of scope was a possibility, Feneas would most likely help or take over the costs.

Feneas handover

I’m all in but let’s ask @yabirgb @eliotberriot @dansup - any thoughts guys?


I’m in too! Let’s regroup!


@mxb Sounds good to me!


I wouldn’t push it too fast and see already how the AP community regroups here. Then I’d wait for Discourse AP federation, and have a trans-protocol category added.

Probably at this point FENEAS can host a Discourse federating discussions from AP, Matrix, D*, Zot, etc. so everyone from any of those communities can choose their personal involvement with this discussion, without mangling with each community’s scope.

Feneas handover

This approach not only sounds faster but also would allow the community to use an implementation of the federated communication in the process of building software in the federated space. Which is beautiful (and needed).


While it’s a nice to idea to have all the things here, I imagine those other communities will have their places to congregate already established or if not, might not choose to be here for various reasons. They could come here but I find it more interesting and am happy to see more AP discussion here and think energies would be better placed to encourage the AP community to be here and be discussing AP issues. There is a lot to discuss and achieve!


Note to all in this thread: a new thread for a handover suggestion is here: Feneas handover