Funkwhale Sync #4



Another month, another sync!

I’ve setup a poll to pick the best date, feel free to jump in and fill your ideal slots: : The meeting will start at 18:00 UTC+1, on Sunday 17. We’re going to have the first part of the meeting in french, as usual, and people can get involved via the text chat as well. But this time, we’ll also keep an open moment at the end of the discussion (around 19:00 UTC+1) for non-french speakers to get involved too :slight_smile:

You can also suggest topics and discussions in this pad:

See you soon!

Connecting to the meeting

To join the discussion:

  1. Download a Mumble client ( or apt-get install mumble if you’re using Debian)
  2. Connect to the server
  3. The password is letstalk
  4. Say hi!

Alternatively, you can try joining the discussion from the using your web browser, but audio is likely to be better and more stable if you use a dedicated mumble client.

See you soon!


Since our community is growing behind the seas, it could be useful to specify the timezone of the proposed hours :slight_smile:


Indeed, @anon13869180, I don’t think I can do that now that the votes are cast, but I’ll definitely specify it next time!

Everything is UTC+1 in case you’re wondering (I’ve added it in the poll header)


I’m now closing the poll, the date will be Sunday, March 17th, at 18:00 UTC+1. Thank you for your involvement! Unfortunately this doesn’t match Ginny’s and Renon’s schedule, but this was the only slot with at least 5 available participants.

cc @anon13869180 @ginnymcqueen @OniriCorpe @jovuit @renon @sporiff


I’ll be there at 19:00 UTC+1 because I definitely understand time and math and certainly will not get confused. :sunglasses:


I’ll try to join you :slight_smile:


Hi, sorry I couldn’t make it today, and couldn’t inform you either, contrary to what I said in the poll…

I hope you had a great meeting!


Hi @jovuit, don’t worry, life happens outside of Funkwhale :wink: And we had a productive meeting indeed. See you soon!


Meeting notes

Audio recording:


  • Launching the association. How do we do that? When? (@eliotberriot)
  • setting up a paypal account for donations
  • Discussing new features proposal (@anon13869180)

Meeting notes

Moderator: Eliot
Start time: 18:05 (Paris timezone, GMT+1)

Checklist before starting:

Launching the association. How do we do that? When? (@eliotberriot)

  • Our weighted vote proposal, imaged during Funkwhale Sync #3 is rather a new concept and will probably need some tweaks as time goes. Nobody shared experience with a similar system, but multiple people outside the community shared their enthousiasm about the idea

  • @anon13869180 was already involved in multiple associations creations (with physical meetings). Usually we agree on the statuses, elect people, then write a Compte Rendu (CR) for the general assembly and send that document to the Prefecture. The CR should include names and contact info of board members, as well as the signatures of at least two of them

  • @floreal : there way be an online way to declare the association

  • We have to contact people who want to get involved in the collective up front to ensure everyone can be there

Next steps:

  • Start a discussion to constitute the Board / Steering Commitee / Moderation Commitee
  • Verify the signature things (because it will impact who can appl for being a board member)
  • Find a name for the association!

Setting up a paypal account for donations (@gerry_the_hat)

PayPal may be an alternative way to gather funds for the collective. Other platforms include:

  • HelloAsso (Free platfrom to raise funds for NGOs)
  • WireTransfer (via bank account)
  • iRaiser (similar to HelloAsso, but with fixed fees)
  • The french collective NosOignons faced the same needs and:
  • It’s important not to rely on a single actor

Discussing new features proposal (@anon13869180)

Following our call for Roadmap proposals, it’s interesting to discuss about suggested items:

Other items

  • @sporiff: how could we improve the accessibility of our documentation? Restructuring the documentation is a first step, and providing video guides will also help. I’s also important to explain not only how, but why Funkwhale requires certain things/steps during the installation process.

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