Funkwhale Sync #3



It’s time to schedule our next Funkwhale sync. I’m a bit late for early february, but we can probably find a proper date around 7-15 ?

I’ve setup a poll to pick the best date, feel free to jump in and fill your ideal slots:

You can also suggest topics and discussions in this pad:

See you soon!


The sync will happpen this sunday (February 10), at 16:00 on Mumble, like last time.

Current agenda:

  • How could we achieve opening this community to women, PoC and non-white-male people? (@anon13869180)
  • Status update on the non-profit (@eliotberriot)
  • Document API usage (@nhaddag)

To join the discussion sunday:

  1. Download a Mumble client ( or apt-get install mumble if you’re using Debian)
  2. Connect to the server
  3. The password is letstalk
  4. Say hi!

Try to be there 5-10 minutes before the meeting start, to debug audio issues :wink:

If you want to join the discussion but feel more comfortable with written communication, Mumble includes a chat and we’d be happy to speak to you this way!


Hi @eliotberriot !

Could you please clarify what timezone you were refering to ? Is it Marseille time ? :grin:


Hi @theof, yes, I’m sorry I forgot that >.< It’s 16:00 Central European Time (CET) :smiley:


Not sure if I’ll make it. Don’t wait for me :slight_smile:


It’s been almost a week, but I didn’t forget the release notes, you’ll find them below :wink: Most of those notes were taken by @anon13869180 during the meeting.

Meeting notes

12 people were connected on Mumble at 16:15
13 people were connected on Mumble at 16:30

To avoid interruptions and have a fairer distribution of talking time, it’s suggested to “ask to speak” on the text chat of the Mumble room, using the o/ emoji (a character raising their hand).

Diversity in Funkwhale

  • The issue: we almost always find ourselves between men in Funkwhale contributions, and it’s not healthy for the project. We want diversity to be a priority to ensure everyone feels welcomed and not descriminated.

  • @Melunaka mentions that the Rust community is known to be especially inclusive and welcoming, thanks to the efforts focusing on the documentation, beginner-friendly events, etc.

  • At Trans Posé·e·s, a software named Loomio is used for internal discussions and debates. It’s helpful to decrease the pressure when suggesting ideas, pretty much like a forum

  • Funkwhale current documentation and Code of Conduct draft mentions that Funkwhale translations must use inclusive/gender neutral writing

  • In Trans Pay, everything is translated in French and English (including documentation). Maybe we could have a look at translating Funkwhale’s documentation?

  • It’s crucial to acknowledge the validity and importance of all types of contribution (and not only programming/code related ones, which are culturally the most masculine): translations, documentation, sharing feedback, etc. Question: how do we manage who is a contributor? Do we need to keep a list?

  • There is a proposal to increase the visibility of contributors by using a “Hall of Fame”. The contribute page should also be reworked to be more inviting. Especially, the timing categories are not accurate or realistic, so switching to a difficulty-based classification could help. Also, all the long-running tasks are technical ones. Among other things, we’re missing contributions guides for graphic design and accessibility

  • If we want to increase Funkwhale accessibility, we need to care about UI accessibility, especially color contrasts, keyboard shortcuts, screen-readers, etc.


  • Regarding the elections, @OniriCorpe suggess we renew half comittees and board members each year (an even number on even years, and an odd number on odd years)

  • Regarding quotas, @OniriCorpe and @Hælwenn suggest we use a weighted vote mechanism to bring more power to under-represented people’s opinions (see detailed post about that)

  • The state of diversity/parity in board and commitee should be public

  • In board and commitee meeting notes, we don’t necessarily need to include the detail of the votes, but we should share the arguments and debates leading to a decision

  • We should specify in the statuses that we’re looking for a consensus between group members, and that voting is the last option. It’s also possible to require more than a 51% majority to approve a decision (which would increase the consensus)

Non-profit statuses, second draft
Non-profit statuses initial draft - request for comments and feedback
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