Funkwhale sync #2



It’s time to schedule our next Funkwhale sync. It was supposed to be a monthly event, but we missed the window for december and with the holidays, I think aiming for the first week of January is a safer choice.

I’ve setup a poll to pick the best date, feel free to jump in and fill your ideal slots:

You can also suggest topics and discussions in this pad:

See you soon!

My daily worklog

The meeting will happen on sunday 6th of January, at 18:00 PM. There are currently 3 items in the agenda, feel free to add anything before sunday :slight_smile:


Last time, we discussed the possibility to use another tool to host the discussion. I’ll try setting up a Mumble server by the week-end to see how it goes, as Jitsi was not really stable last time.


Un petit support visuel:


Mumble c’est efficace pour de la conférence audio mais il n’y a pas le support vidéo, donc si on envisage d’utiliser l’audio/vidéo je sais pas quelle serait l’alternative. On pourrait faire un test avec Tox peut-être, je sais qu’il a le support vidéo et le partage d’écran mais j’ai jamais testé a plusieurs.


Conférence will start in ~40 minutes. To join the discussion:

  1. Download a Mumble client ( or apt-get install mumble if you’re using Debian)
  2. Connect to the server
  3. The password is letstalk
  4. Say hi!

Alternatively, you can try joining the discussion from the using your web browser, but audio is likely to be better and more stable if you use a dedicated mumble client.

See you soon!


Many thanks to everyone who joined the meeting and contributed to the discussion. You’ll find the meeting notes below, and the audio recording (in french) is available on Open.Audio.

On a personnal note, I’m really satisfied with the way the meeting went and I found the discussion was productive. We did not take time at the end to evaluate the quality of the audio (we used a Mumble server for the first time), but this is probably a sign that the audio was good enough to forget it completely and focus on the discussion :wink:

Two things I’d like to include for the next sync are:

  • Deal with the sync organization (I’ve done the two first one, but I could probably use some help)
  • Appoint someone to take the minutes at the beginning of the meeting

Meeting notes



Initial topics:

Suggested topic (during the meeting):

  • Improve music discovery

Should we start non-profit for Funkwhale?

There is a consensus between participants, it’s definitely a yes, for a lot of different reasons: represent the project for potential sponsors, enable a collective governance, manage payments and bills, etc.

The remaining question is: what should be the statuses and organization for this entity?

We’ll work with @renon, @gordon and @troll to investigate the best possible solution and aim for a launch for late January

Should the research be improved ?

(This topic was submitted by @igor who was unfortunately not able to attend)

Apparently, the autocomplete feature is either incomplete, unrelated or insufficient. A dedicated page should be shown with search options an that allows filtering.

The search has been improved with time, but users regularly say it should be on a dedicated page.

Possible entities that we may wantn to search include:

  • Artists
  • Albums
  • Tracks
  • Radio
  • Users
  • Libraries
  • Genre
  • Playlists

Discuss redesign

Website has been designed 2 - 3 years ago. It’s becoming irrelevant because Funkwhale has changed a lot since then.

Also, an instance discovery (see Mastodon’s one) could be implemented. There should be somewhere where instance administrators can opt-out from instance discovery. Labels could be applied to some instance to help choosing an instance.

@troll is ok to handle the redesign and @eliotberriot will work on the implementation deployment.

Improve music discovery

The last part of the discussion was focused on music discovery and genre (as in musical genre) handling within the application. Someone mentionned that Funkwhale does not really help the users when it comes to discovering content and listen to a specific type of music (rock, jazz, etc.).

A first step could be to allow users to tag songs / albums, and offer radios and search based on those tags.

A non-profit for Funkwhale
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