Funkwhale Sync #1


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Bonjour tout le monde,
Nous désirons créer un rendez-vous régulier avec toute la communauté de Funkwhale.
Pour ce faire, nous organisons bientôt une première conférence sur Matrix qui se nommera
Funkwhale Sync #1, je vous invite à lire le billet original d’ @eliotberriot sur son blog pour plus de précisions:

Lien vers l’article original:

Sondage pour trouver la date la plus adéquate :

Liens vers le salon Matrix:

Chacun peut suggérer des sujets de discussion ici:

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Good morning, everyone,
We want to create a regular meeting with the entire Funkwhale community.
To do this, we are soon organizing a first conference on Matrix which will be called Funkwhale Sync #1,
I invite you to read the original @eliotberriot post on his blog for more details:

Link to the original article:’s-build-funkwhale-together

Survey to find the most appropriate date:

Link to the Matrix channel:

Anyone can suggest topics for discussion here:

Rebooting Funkwhale's forum

The meeting took place today and it was a productive one! You’ll find the agenda and notes below:

Agenda for Funkwhale Sync #1

Date: Friday, November 2, 2018 - 14:00 (


  • How do we work together, as a multilingual community? @eliotberriot
  • How do we moderate our community spaces? @eliotberriot
  • Streamline our communication tools / process (Forum, Matrix, Blog, Mastodon, etc.) @troll

Those items were in the agenda but not discussed (because the person who suggested them was not here):

  • How to market an Open Source software?
  • How to make people want to use it?

Meeting notes


How do we work together, as a multilingual community? @eliotberriot

How do we communicate together since our contributors can speak different languages?

Using english is possible but not always ideal (since our english may be bad). It also takes extra
effort for some people.

Ideally, we should offer communication spaces in French and english. People would write in the language they are more comfortable with, and use automatic translations. As long as we can understand the idea behind the text, it is okay for people to use the language they are more comfortable with in community spaces.

Another option is to offer dedicated rooms for each languages but there is an added complexity to that.

Streamline our communication tools / process (Forum, Matrix, Blog, Mastodon, etc.) @troll

The forum at is not used at all, while the gitlab is overused for discussion that are not technical. Everyone agrees that we should move non-technical/dev discussion to the forum. A good criteria would be “Do I need to be a developer to understand what I’m trying to say?” or “Do I need to have a discussion?”. We should move these discussions to the forum because Gitlab is quite technical and may frighten begginers or non-developers.

The blog should be used for announcements only and the forum for everything that is not a technical discussion, such as feature oriented discussions, project and community management, etc.

Contribution tools

Not in the agenda but it was mentioned we could make the contribution process easier for newcomers:

  • Have a single place to learn how to contribute? This is a work in progress by @eliotberriot
  • Short live streams on specific topics (translation, bug report, etc.)

How do we moderate our community spaces? @eliotberriot

  • We’re looking for moderators for the different community spaces (matrix, mastodon) @troll is okay to hanlde the #funkwhale channel on matrix, and l4p1n our Mastodon account)
  • We’ll launch a call for moderators on the forum and try to recruit known faces in the community for the remaining spaces. Those moderators will get proper rights and guidance to do their work, and we’ll be vigilant to ensure they are not abusing their power


Those are the actions to do based on the discussions:

  1. Announce on the forum why and how it should be used (@troll)
  2. Update the website to link to the forum (@eliotberriot)
  3. Call for moderators (on the forum) (@eliotberriot)
  4. Clarify somewhere how we should handle communication in various languages (front page that redirects to other pages ?) (@l4p1n)
  5. Create proper categories (at least a “support” section) in the forum (@eliotberriot)

About the meeting

Feedback about the Sync:

  • We need more time to discuss about informal things (15 / 20 minutes)
  • We should record next meetings for people who cannot attend
  • We should investigate alternate solutions for the audio meeting (teamspeak, mumble), since Riot/Jitsi is not completely stable/usable for everyone
  • Let’s have our next Sync in a month (framadate + post in the forum like this one)

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